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Thread: Doggy First Aid?

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    Re: Doggy First Aid?

    Of course i have a lab and getting food anytime into him is never a problem![/QUOTE]

    LOL! I've got two Retrievers and I totally understand! I feed all my dogs twice a day and if you watch them eat...its like it's the only meal theyve ever had. I even had to order some bowls to slow them down while eating. Bless those healthy eaters!

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    Re: Doggy First Aid?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wonderful bc View Post
    The vet said to keep a bit of pancake syrup with me and spread it on his gums if it ever happined again. The sugar will bring them out of the siezure long enough for you to get your dog to emergency vet care.
    That sounds like a good idea. Gonna make sure there is some in my kit.

    Not sure about the big meal before a hunt though. I usually feed a dog less in the morning before a hunt and more for the evening meal. I don't want to work them too hard on a full stomach.
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    Re: Doggy First Aid?

    i will give my dog a smaller meal before a hunt and i soak it in water. I heard it helps a dog not get bloat.

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    Re: Doggy First Aid?

    Quote Originally Posted by Riverratz View Post
    Consider adding;

    Epicac - to induce vomiting should Fido ingest something poisonous or harmful.

    Activated Carbon - administer orally after vomiting to help absorb the substance while you transport to Vet.

    Peroxide 3% - to sterilize cuts

    "Viaderm KC" - ointment to apply to "hotspots", raw, festering, open sores that some breeds, (especially long-haired water dogs), can get, usually around the neck area.

    All of the above available at pharmacies, inexpensive.
    Activated Carbon can be had in capsule form and has saved my friends dog after it had eaten something really nasty.
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    Re: Doggy First Aid?

    duck tape works well my coon hound gets hurt a lot and last time sewing yer up she just sucked it up oh put a sock on her before tape

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