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Thread: Lost Beaver Parties Down ...

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    Re: Lost Beaver Parties Down ...

    Anyone seen the lost beaver lately?! ��

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    Re: Lost Beaver Parties Down ...

    You've haven't got him smoking weed yet???
    You know, for medicinal purposes.
    LOL, too funny, good stuff there.

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    Re: Lost Beaver Parties Down ...

    Hahahahah this is awesome!
    Working the rigs few years ago, day shift sucked up a dead muskrat out the cellar with the vac hose. Derrick relief left it hanging off the shaker lights for me when I come on tour. So middle of night I decide we should launch it out the vac, suck it into hose halfway shut valves and built up max discharge pressure and had roughneck dump valve. Recoil blew me over backwards and launched that little invert covered ******* exactly 100ft HA. I'm still claiming world record muskrat launch until proven otherwise
    Cleaned him up and sent up Derrick R-lock. Boys went to rig service next day after it'd been baking in the sun for a few hrs, motorman was not too pleased
    The only advantage to a light rifle is it's weight, all other advantages go to the heavier rifle..

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    Re: Lost Beaver Parties Down ...

    Some how missed this one.

    Any other uses for the Beaver?
    BC's Wildlife belongs to BC Residents .......

    BC WILDLIFE is not for corporate greed to benefit Foreighn Owned GOs.

    POACHERS are not HUNTERS as the media posts.

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