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Thread: Welcome to Hunting British Columbia

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    Re: Welcome to Hunting British Columbia

    Welcome Jay! Lots of great people on here and an absolute wealth of knowledge.

    I look forward to your contributions.
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    Re: Welcome to Hunting British Columbia

    Quote Originally Posted by JuicyJay View Post
    Hello all! New member here and recent graduate of the CORE program (which I thoroughly enjoyed!) Been lurking for a while now and looking forward to participating and continuing down this slippery slope!
    Welcome JuicyJay,
    About the only slippery slope here is the one you make. And that will now be how you outfit yourself to go hunting. It has changed from the time I stared in the latter part of the last millennium. Where once you could truck out in your regular every day attire, you will now have to outfit yourself with some camo gear. And then the firearms you will need. A 22, 223 6.5 300wm, 12 ga, 20 ga spotting scope, rifles scopes, reloading tools and supplies and so on.
    By taking the core, you have gained some basic knowledge, now you have to expand upon it. There are two ways. One, go afield and learn on your own. Or two, find a mentor and get the expedited version.
    Again, welcome to the sight.
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    Re: Welcome to Hunting British Columbia

    I never look at this thread ! My mistake as the more new hunters we have coming up is a big plus ! There are many knowledgeable members here !
    You will find a plethora of information here and if you can’t find what your looking for Just Ask ! But not as many questions as myself LOL !
    Welcome !
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