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Thread: Crayfish

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    Re: Crayfish

    Quote Originally Posted by caddisguy View Post
    I used to have a 70gal with crayfish. Lots of places to hide and what not, but whenever one molted it would get pursued relentlessly until it was killed and eaten.

    I'd feed them hotdog, earth worms and all sorts of things. The most excited I ever saw them was when I dropped a trout head in. A crayfish caught it before it even hit the bottom, then held it up parading it around the tank.
    Its what they're meant to eat. They're the clean up crew of their habitat. But they are also relentless cannibals. When they Molly, they should be separated til their new shell hardens.
    But then what do I know? I'm just a lowly woodcutter.

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    Re: Crayfish

    I know this is from last year but I'm down in the langley/ maple ridge area for work for another week or so and would love to try to find some. Any hints on where I can try for these lake bugs?

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    Re: Crayfish

    Crayfish in majority of the lakes/rivers/streams ex in the lower mainland its more so a water quality issue or numbers. Lakes/rivers with salmon runs usually have good numbers

    Pit lake and river has them for example

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