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Thread: Fermented Sausage

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    Fermented Sausage

    Trying my luck at Fermented Chorizo.
    Have done this with natural casings in the wifes cheese cave ended up being a bit dry.
    This time they are with Umai bags and left in the fridge. I will see in a couple weeks as they have been in for 2-3 weeks now.
    Hopefully pics show up

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    Re: Fermented Sausage

    Good luck on your endeavour ! I worked in a Dry Cure department for a year or so during my meat career . I don’t know the specifics of it , sweat fermenting rooms, dry aging rooms but most of the products took a long time for optimum curing ,usually 4 weeks ,then the actual drying time some muscle meats 4 to 6 months . They can stretch out much longer that that .
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