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Thread: Moose hunt led 8-9

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    Moose hunt led 8-9

    8-9 bull moose tag
    Going moose hunting with my wife first Oct and was wondering if I could get some local information on fires in the area any closures. And if anyone wants to share any location that we should focus on. Iím a retired veteran and have hunted for many years. My wife is 65 and doesnít do a lot of walking. We are bringing a side by side and canoe. Any information is appreciated and we wish everyone a safe and enjoyable season.

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    Re: Moose hunt led 8-9

    No fires or closures in that MU. It is
    Smokey here now however. New fire burning up above Peachland that is contributing to the others in the region. Highway 97 between summerland and Peachland was closed for a few weeks and they rerouted traffic up above Penticton to Carmi so they did do a lot of road work as well as lots of vehicles in the area. Hard to know the effects from that. As usual, off the roads and in the bush is where you will want to be.
    good luck, hope you have success and a good time. Take a whitetail tag ��

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    Re: Moose hunt led 8-9

    There is a motor vehicle closure at the south end of 8-9 (map at link below). Aside from that, it looks like you are good to explore at will. I chased a moose for a while in OK Mtn Park, but given your description of your situation, Iíd suggest you look further east towards Grayback and 201 area. (This area is currently stupid busy though, as the rockslide that has Hwy 97 closed has the 201 being used as the alternate route from Penticton to Hellowna). The park can be very difficult terrain. Iím a healthy 55 year old, and my hunting partner is my 35 year old son, and we often question our sanity when pursuing big animals any distance from the roads in OK Mtn Park.
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    Re: Moose hunt led 8-9

    PM sent..........

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    Re: Moose hunt led 8-9

    My folks lived in OK Falls & on occasional visits I would venture up the FSRs from there, mostly to a small lake for fishing. It's been such a dry summer & fall the critters are going to hang out near bodies of water, especially moose. Unfortunately there aren't all that many in that MU. The lake I'm referring to is called Allendale & there's a rec site there. It's in the southeast corner of the MU, best accessed via OK Falls. Used to be a small privately owned campsite back in the day if not mistaken. Haven't been there in ages but quite some years ago they logged all the way down to the lake along the north/northeast side of it.

    EDIT: Looking at Redthies closure map, it appears Allendale will be next to impossible to access via motor vehicle.... .... or not. According to this bulletin you may be able to use the main road.

    I've traveled the FSR from OK Falls all the way to Kelowna & as others have mentioned it does get busy up there once you drive it past the Penticton access point. I've never seen moose on any of those trips but like I said, not many bodies of water along it. Lots of spurs to explore, your sxs will get a workout! Someone mentioned a whitetail tag, I've seen more mulies than whitetails, they used to raid my Mom's garden. Also some bighorns down there but no GOS for them.

    Not sure which direction you'll be traveling from but I heard the other day the rock slide closure has now been opened single lane. With any luck they'll have 4 lanes open soon. Drive BC is a great resource for checking road conditions.

    .... and thx for your service. Both dad & I served in the Air Force as technicians.
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