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Thread: Semi Seasoned- LEH elk

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    Re: Semi Seasoned- LEH elk

    Hey all, got back from our hunt in canada yesterday. 22 hours and 1,400 miles later we where home. What a week we had up there in the bull river area. Started off the first 3 days with the 10 of us hunters seeing 10 total elk in three days, and no sightings of shooters. Did see a ton of billy goats. After the 7 day hunt was all done the 10 of us had only 1 elk to show for it. We were hiking roughly 5 to 10 miles a day per guide group, with little to nothing to show for it. Wow what a tough area to hunt and the weather definitely did not help any at all. Unbelievably beautiful country up there though but damn is it thick in spots. I won't list the outfitters name on here because I have nothing bad to say about them and how they ran their operation. Guides we awesome, cook even better, and the camp was nice, just seemed like there were no elk there. Totally different from where I have hunted them in the states. Saw 1 grizzly personally, one hunter got charged twice but bear ran off when he got to 10 feet both times. All in all a great week of hunting those damn elusive elk you guys chase up there! Hope you all have a great season stay safe and shoot straight!

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    Re: Semi Seasoned- LEH elk

    Glad you enjoyed your time up north. I find this time of year is hard hunting. Leaves are on the trees and the temps are a crap shoot. 27 deg here a couple days ago then high winds. Nothing seemed to want to move. It was cooler today and I seen 2 bull elk on trailers heading to the butcher. Also seen about a 40" bull moose with a cow crossing the road ahead of me. Weather has a lot to do with hunting success imo

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