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Thread: Grasslands North Of Kamloops Lake

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    Re: Grasslands North Of Kamloops Lake

    Quote Originally Posted by Would Rather Be Fishing View Post
    Interesting... hadn't thought about "cactus"... any advise?
    Cactus are a real pain. When my dog gets them she freezes instantly. I end up having to go to her and pull them out, and then she's good until the next one. They are really painful for her, and yourself when getting them out. Carry a leatherman to save your fingers.

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    Re: Grasslands North Of Kamloops Lake

    Cactus are going to be your biggest problem, there are areas where the ground is carpeted and cant be avoided. The spines get up to a couple inches long and if they break off in a paw or leg they can cause some massive discomfort for your pup and possible complications. Second will be Rattle snakes, Ive hunted there for years and only seen one, until this year seen two in two short trips and one took a bite of my boot. I hunt that area quiet extensively and there are chukars down low and grouse up high. I keep my dog in the woods and away from the pain of cactus, not worth subjecting the dog to pain like that.

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