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Thread: Dumb idea?? Small stove in regular tent??

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    Re: Dumb idea?? Small stove in regular tent??

    Quote Originally Posted by KodiakHntr View Post
    With a tipi you won’t snuff yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning using a stove as long as you pitch it correctly, which, incidentally, will eliminate the condensation problem.

    Most guys that have a condensation problem after they go to a tipi are guys that think they need the tent snugged down tight to the ground. A few inches of airspace at the bottom will solve that.

    As to wind, unless you are going with an Everest quality non-freestanding Hilleberg you aren’t even approaching the wind shedding ability of a Seek. Twice I’ve had traditional higher end backpacking tents squashed flat by storms while I was in them, and it wasn’t a lot of fun wondering seriously if the wind was going to catch the tent and snatch me up into the air and fling me off the mountain. Spent the entire night holding onto tent fabric and tried to keep poles from bending and collapsing.
    Couple years later we hit the same conditions but they lasted longer, but in a tipi we drank coffee and read books.

    And yes, you need a bigger footprint, kind of. Doesn’t matter if it is flat, or level, or if there are bushes. Plunk it down over top, kick out a flat spot to sleep on, and call it good.
    Thanks for all those thoughts - all make sense. Maybe I just have to try the teepee to experience it for myself... I would think it would be tough to convince yourself to leave a few inches of airspace when it's minus 20 lol.

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    Re: Dumb idea?? Small stove in regular tent??

    At -20 you are down at ground level and the sod skirt is covered with snow. Condensation is a non issue when its +35 inside the tent and the pipe is red hot.

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    Re: Dumb idea?? Small stove in regular tent??

    At -20 its still cold enough in the tent for any moisture to freeze on the inside of the tent. I just bang on the inside of the tent and shake anything off my bag. The stoves are great, but they dont get the tent above freezing (except maybe for short periods with it glowing) with some wind and that temp. I have tried it twice for late season mule deer hunts. Definitely agree condensation isnít an issue in cold temps
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    Re: Dumb idea?? Small stove in regular tent??

    I agree with Kodiak Hunter, but, I gave up on most tents some years ago and now use only Hilles, Seek Outside and just bought a SG 6man dome for my buddies and I, have a SO Ti stove already. I have also had issues with big name tents in BC mountain weather and trust my Hille more than any other shelter.

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