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Thread: Access to Lower Mainland lakes for kokanee?

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    Re: Access to Lower Mainland lakes for kokanee?

    Quote Originally Posted by ekul246 View Post
    I also flatline with one and run the other in a downrigger. I’m thinking no weight in the flatline one since they’ll be higher up.
    What colour hoochies do you usually run at Kawkawa. I’ve fished it early a few times but have never connected on anything except some coho the first time which were a blast on hook and bobber.
    i run pink krill and red Kokanee corn usually and that works great at Alouette. Really hoping to connect on Kokanee at Kawkawa. My friend is coming and hoping to send him home with fish on his first trip
    First thing in the morning at first light I like to use a glow or chartreuse dodger and hoochie and have had a lot of success. Once the sun comes up I always switch to pink dodger and hoochie, but have had great success with orange colours as well as the clown colours, and purple. One thing I do that that increased my success was to cut the tentacles of the hoochies down to make them much smaller than what they come in the package (2 inches max). Make sure to bring some pro cure scents too - krill, anise, garlic and tuna are really good ones just to name a few. Only once have I ever been skunked on Kawkawa and that was the only time I forgot to bring my pro cure scents - always make sure to bring scents. Oh ya when flatlining I still like to use either a half ounce or 3/4 ounce in-line banana weight as it helps to take the dodger and hoochie a few feet down and helps to keep them below the surface (say 5ft or so). Also found trolling in S patterns seem to entice a strike when things get slow. Good luck to you and your buddy!
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    Re: Access to Lower Mainland lakes for kokanee?

    Well, it was a beautiful day to be and all the other fishermen obviously thought so too! We managed to land one Kokanee early in the afternoon and had a couple more bites after that in the same spot. Fishes early until about 3pm. Got snagged somehow and lost a dodger, snubber and hoochie.
    Caught the one using a dark green wedding band with a silver dodger with the flash sticker on it with pautzke eggs with gold flakes.
    That is a first for me on Kawkawa. Made some progress, but no one was having a lot of success, from what I could tell. Friend got to take home his Kokanee though

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    Re: Access to Lower Mainland lakes for kokanee?

    thanks for coming back with an update, sounds like a good day
    Glad to say I have hunted Northern BC

    Simon Fraser had pretty good judgement on what he found in BC

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