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Thread: Seal The Deal

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    Re: Seal The Deal

    Thanks a lot you two! I hope you made enough sense to the board to get your plans going! Being from the area and walking the walk like both of you did should go a long way! Really appreciate it!

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    Arrow Re: Seal The Deal

    Not a single dissenter in the room.
    Amazed me, as I was quite prepared for that.
    Loved taking Trites to task!!

    After the meeting, all but 2 (Bloq & 1 lieberal) came up to shake our hands.
    Mike Drop. Commanded the room were the most repeated phrases.
    Best one was Why do we need to bother with any more Witnesses?

    And then they took us out to a rather fine (expensive) dinner.

    Safe to say we carried the field, and that it was worth all the bull$hit getting there and back!

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    Guess he got to Know me

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