We did some trips years ago with 3 wheelers all we had was old topographic maps that had seismic lines on them. Google is your friend now. Seems strange the we traveled all those trails with the old Honda big reds over and over no problems. Along came 4 wheel drive quads and in no time they were so deep in mud only the guy with the most $$ and biggest tires can go there.

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New wheel bearings yearly are cheap insurance!
FYI I’ve worked with bearings 50+ years back then they were soft, I could cut a race or bearing in half with a chisel did lots of that to get them off the stub shaft. Now the bearings are very hard you may crack one now but never cut one. And the lube was iffy back then, The old grease we used to use was like butter, good grease like Mobil Delvac is the best for your buck I think. The only way to ware out SKF bearings is no to grease them. IMO