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Thread: Binocular Comparison

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    Re: Binocular Comparison

    In that price range I'd recommend the Nikon Monarch 5. My son uses them and they're almost as good as my Razors in my opinion.
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    Re: Binocular Comparison

    I'm a leupold guy through & through. Buddy has a set of leupold binoculars. Not sure of model but are not the low end. Can't focus them for love nor money. I told him to send them away. He said he left them in his son's truck & hopes he never sees them again. Ouch

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    Re: Binocular Comparison

    Quote Originally Posted by KBC View Post
    Q: Hey guys, what binos are decent in the $300-$400 range to buy as a gift?

    A: You should buy top-end Swaros.
    Haha, nailed it, they always show up in threads asking about inexpensive binos.

    I bought one of my daughters a Nikon Monarchs a bit ago, they seem to be good glass for the price.

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