OK HBC'ers... Alpine mule deer are my #1 passion when it comes to hunting. Nothing better than getting up into the alpine early season and sneaking into a big buck's' bedroom unnoticed!

I used to love playing with rifles, different calibers and lots of shooting practice but these days with kids sports, work and life in general I just don't have the time.. I've thinned the herd right down to my Kimber montana 308win. which I know isn't the ideal tool for the job. That said, I know it like the back of my hand and it's shoots well enough for me to be comfortable out to 300 any day of the week, 400 if conditions are right. I would love a new rifle in something that would reach out a bit further, but time and money just isn't allowing for it. So I got wondering how many others use a 308 for alpine deer (or goat/sheep)...

So for you other die hard alpine hunters: how many of you use a 308? What bullet do you shoot? You guys happy with the little ole 308 or are you dreaming of something bigger and better like me? To be honest I've not "needed" anything bigger or better for the last 20 years, but I'm having trouble shaking the idea lol.