After 12 years my back isn't getting any younger so I've installed some 3 inch shims to lift the back of the blind doors so I don't have to layback as much when hunkered in. My sit-ups aren't as good as they used to be.

I had test fitted the doors before painting things up and the fit-up gives me a little more leg room as well as a better upright positioning for my back. the lift also helps conceal the dog better as the cot raises the dog about 3 inches off the bottom of the boat. I may need to add a little brown to the color scheme to make it blend in a little better.

Here is a picture of the Momarsh kennel cot that has a mesh floor allowing any water that she brings in from retrieving to drip through to the bottom of the boat so she's not
soaking into it all day.

Dry run to see how well the dog is hidden, with her door closed it's almost impossible to see the new shims. Her cot is now elevated about 3 inches higher then without the cot so it's nice to see she's well hidden when laying down. The boat needs a bit more grassing up once we get back to the marsh but it looks like it may kill some birds.

Finally after looking for over two years I managed to find a Momarsh Versavest for my girl Skadi, that should help keep her warm on those cold water retrieves.