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Thread: Please pick up your shells

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    Please pick up your shells

    I was out in a farmer's field this morning where I have permission. A lot of others have permission too and I suspect quite a few others who don't have permission hunt there as well.

    The farmer is kind enough to grant permission to just about anyone who asks so I think it is very disrespectful to litter his field. He even left a small stand of corn up to make a good hiding place and in among the constalks I found dozens of spent shells. I only had a small vegetable/fruit bag from the store with me and easily filled it up and could have easily filled another one.

    I have found dozens if not hundreds of shells in popular places at Boundary Bay too.

    I don't want to sound like a bitchy school marm, but Jeez guys, pick up after yourselves.
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    Re: Please pick up your shells

    good post and good on ya for cleaning up after others.

    See it in our area too. Lots of slob waterfowlers out there that need a boot in the ass for the mess they knowingly leave behind. We all know how many shells we fire on a hunt. Clean up after your hunt.
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    Re: Please pick up your shells

    Whenever I drag my stuff out of Boundary I always pick up shells. One or two along the way, sure I can accept that as you can't always find every hull you eject, but too commonly I see piles of shells and boxes where some LAZY INCONSIDERATE ASS who clearly cares nothing for the environment or their fellow hunter has just turned their back and walked off.

    Of course, I also see signs of other people's garbage along the dyke which only means that the same percentage of litterers exist throughout all groups. For example, the kite flyers who fly long lines out into the bay and then when they are done just release everything, kite and string and walk away. But I am free to complain about people I know.

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