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Thread: How do you prepare grouse?

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    Re: How do you prepare grouse?

    One of the best feed of grouse I ever had, was while moose hunting. Myself and my hunting partner had done a morning hunt and and like we do we had come back to the truck and had a hot lunch and had started a fire to take the Chill off. While we were B.Sing around the small fire, wouldn't you know it, a grouse landed in a tree where we were parked. I was able to beat my buddy to my Stevens double behind the seat and grab a couple of shells. Long story short, dead grouse, cleaned grouse breast wrapped in tinfoil with a bit of bacon and salt and pepper and put into the coals of the fire. After the evening hunt, on the road back to camp we enjoyed the now cooked to a "T" grouse and a cold beer for the slow bumpy drive back to camp. I find with grouse like most game meat, less is more.

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    Re: How do you prepare grouse?

    Grouse breast is tender. Over cook it and it will be tough and rubbery. Same as chicken breast. You either cook them slow and long or just so the pink is gone. All meat is the same. Good cuts can be cooked rare, shoulders, shanks, necks should be done low and slow. If it’s got a lot of connective tissue and ligaments slow turns it to butter. Lean meat, in my opinion, is best served as rare as possible.
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    Re: How do you prepare grouse?

    Cut the breasts into slices. Hot pan, brown the slices. Pull them out (undercooked). Slice an onion and add them to the pan. Deglaze the pan with the onions, and then cook the onions down until almost turning brown. Add the grouse slices back in until just cooked and season with salt and pepper to taste.

    I like to eat this with eggs and toast for breakfast or with fried potatoes for dinner. Green and red peppers can be added with the onions.

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