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Thread: Buy your arrows in 2022 for 2023

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    Exclamation Buy your arrows in 2022 for 2023

    Forwarding this from the Excalibur Forum (has been verified):

    xcise tax on arrows going up in 2023
    59 cent increase per shaft.

    Note : arrow shafts went up 4% in 2022. My recent Black Eagle arrow order increased $18.00 CDN per Dozen over my cost 2 years ago.
    The recent CDN dollar dropping to 75 cents isn't going to help arrow prices in CANADA for 2023.



    The ATA's tax specialist, Tim Hanford of ADC Strategies, has provided an unofficial set of computations that estimates the arrow shaft tax rate for 2023. The tax reform act created five years ago changed the indexing factor from CPI to Chained CPI, which prevented Bloomberg from publishing the estimate in their projected tax rates for 2023.

    Tim worked directly with Bloomberg to compute the unofficial 2023 arrow shaft excise tax. The arrow excise tax for 2023 is estimated to be 59 cents per shaft. The IRS will release its official figure later this year, usually in November. The ATA provides this exclusive member-benefit so companies can adjust arrow prices for the next calendar year.

    The 4 cent increase from the 2022 rate is inflationary. When arrows broke away from the 11% FET rate in 2004 as requested by industry members, the CPI adjustment was added in to keep the arrow tax consistent with other archery product taxes.

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    Re: Buy your arrows in 2022 for 2023

    Fantastic. As if I wasn’t having a hard enough time finding arrows as is. Now people are going to be buying them up just like they do for ammo
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    Re: Buy your arrows in 2022 for 2023

    The 5mm Axis match I’ve been using went up I think $80 a dozen from February 2022 to July 2022. The current wholesale price of them is what I paid in February.

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