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Thread: Sockeye Dumping

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    Re: Sockeye Dumping

    Quote Originally Posted by Harvest the Land View Post
    Is that what I said? Are your comprehension skills really that poor?
    Yes!! They are that poor. Thanks for asking. Stupid Harper govt gutting the DFO, look at the mess we're in now!
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    Re: Sockeye Dumping

    I agree, it will be forgotten in short order and happen again in 4 years and if the reds and dfo keep about their merry way, it will eventually end when there is nothing to catch due to improper management and shittt enforcement and worset of all, being politically correct.
    I think antis trying to protect forest are realizing how quick the fn will abandon them as the cheques start rolling in, which was always the underlying reason fn didn’t want the forests logged.
    Ans with that, many we realize that much of the the end do is not about tradition, but about becoming a corporate entity.
    Maybe then people will lose their appetite for political corrrctness and speak up and call it as it really is.

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    Arrow Re: Sockeye Dumping

    Quote Originally Posted by Bugle M In View Post
    ... Maybe then people will lose their appetite for political correctness and speak up and call it as it really is.
    Unfortunately just a dream methinks...

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    Re: Sockeye Dumping

    People please start posting the pics on social media and on here.

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    Re: Sockeye Dumping

    Picture this! I walk up with a camera to take pictures of a cow moose that was shot and 4 drunken natives around with guns.
    Seen anything stupid with that idea.
    Same goes with them fishing. 30 empty beer cans laying around.
    The challenge of retirement is how to spend time without spending money.
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