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Thread: Tips and tricks for tree stand hunting elk

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    Tips and tricks for tree stand hunting elk

    Hey all!

    I have a tree stand set up at my salt lick in the deep timber. I have one legal 5x6 bull on camera and a pair of five pointers right now. Camera gets hit with elk every day or so and itís been pretty constant for the last 3 months.

    Tree stand is set up at 20ft and Iíve cleared out a bit of the area to give me some good shooting lanes. Iíve never hunted tree stand before so any tips and tricks would be much appreciated.

    Thanks all!
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    Re: Tips and tricks for tree stand hunting elk

    Not elk but moose, I like to be in he stand a hour before league light. Same at night sneak out well after dark. So with Elk I’m guessing you bubble that?

    Water, snacks, pee bottle.
    Man glitter is sawdust, glue, silicone, paint, welding holes in shirts.

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    Re: Tips and tricks for tree stand hunting elk

    also walk in so the wind doesn't spread your scent around, where I hunt with my stand I cut a back trail into my stand thats away from the game trail, and the wind shifts usually in the morning and night like clockwork so be aware of when that happens.

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    Re: Tips and tricks for tree stand hunting elk

    You might be able to fool there eye sight and ears , but you will never fool there nose . In your stand 1 hour before legal shooting light and stay there till 1 hour after legal shooting light . Pack a good lunch , coffee and a extra large piss jug . Good luck straight shooting .
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    Re: Tips and tricks for tree stand hunting elk

    first off, safety. Make sure you have a good harness and are clipped in at all times. I know 2 guys that have been injured, both climbing up into their stands.

    To be quite and sit for a long time you need to be comfortable. Use a comfy cushion on your seat. Nothing worse then a creeky stand or the "ping" of something clanking off a metal treestand.

    I'm also a sit in the stand all day guy. I like to slip into the stand an hour before shooting light and remain until well after dark. Snacks, something to drink and a piss bottle.

    enjoy, sounds like you have a great spot!!!

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    Re: Tips and tricks for tree stand hunting elk

    Download a book on your phone. Don’t get too distracted by it, but it gets dull at times and keep your ears peeled. Be sure you can keep warm being still….electric jacket is nice because it’s a single layer with warmth of several layers….I have a Milwaukee with three settings. If you bring packaged food, take it out of the loud crinkly package and put it in a ziploc.

    Best of luck!

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    Re: Tips and tricks for tree stand hunting elk

    Forget the piss jug. I've actually pee'd on several deer and they just shake their heads. Touch a twig on their trail and mature animals are gone, but I firmly believe that pee from anything is a curiosity scent. I've spent many days over many years on all day treestand sits, from warm to 25 below. Go early, dress light, then layer up as you cool off. If it's cold, put heaties in your boots and hand muff. Learn to hold still and move slow. Cut and attach some leafy limbs for back cover. You only have to see as far as your effective range. Prep the area a few weeks in advance.

    Get a safety rope with a prussic knot that attaches at head level when standing on the platform. Attach at the bottom and slide the knot up as you go, come down in reverse. You're always attached. Most accidents happen while transitioning from sticks/steps to the platform.

    I get in early and nap for the first hour until daybreak, with a few catnaps during the day.

    Treestands are great way to kill animals, especially wary ones. You may see way more hiking. but you'll kill way more sitting.
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    Re: Tips and tricks for tree stand hunting elk

    I don't treestand hunt, but I concur with the above statement that if they smell you, elk are gone, just like whitetails...what has worked for me in the past with some of my whitetail spots is I would leave one of my old shirts hanging around the area so they would get used to my scent: I wonder if it would work for elk too?

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    Re: Tips and tricks for tree stand hunting elk

    Nice man! I just set up a treestand for BT, cleared brush and put some stuff up there she is all ready for Sept 1st now.

    Going for my first Elk this year and wanted to set a stand up at one particular spot there as well. Kind of kicking myself for not doing it now but oh well, will still hunt and ambush on the ground.

    No advice but here's to some encouragement and hope you enjoy your hunt and get a Bull! Sounds like you got a good set up.

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    Re: Tips and tricks for tree stand hunting elk

    20 ft. up is barely OK for Elk, 30 is usually enough depending on Terrain. Fleecy Fabric Softener Jugs with big opening work well as piss Bottles, does not hurt to paint them in Camo Color's. They also have a decent Handle for a Rope. Hike full Bottles out and don't empty them until at least 500 Mtr. away from Treestand.

    Good Luck

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