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Thread: 2nd Season Coming Up For Me!

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    2nd Season Coming Up For Me!

    While I should be prepping my fishing tackle and my bear & deer kit, I'm still reminiscing about my initial waterfowling season last year.

    I made a new, good friend just prior to the season, who was also completely green to waterfowling. We hit up boundary bay on opening day with the bare bones of necessities, and a random burlap sheet to use as a "blind", that was held up by random sticks we found that we whittled into posts.

    I also reconnected with an old work buddy that I used to work the bars with, who was kind enough to invite me to my first field hunt. Also got my first and only Canadian goose that day, and also made another new friend that came along for the hunt that day as well. Laying in a layout blind, completely clueless with what was going on, and nervous to boot, having these massive birds flying in what felt like arms reach to me is something I will never forget.

    I got to also experience my first night flight. I had no idea ducks were so active when the sun started to dip behind the mountains. Hundreds and hundreds of quacking birds zipping by was surreal.

    And learning to call. MAN. It has to be one of the most rewarding skills i've learned so far. I'm nowhere near the best, but getting my first birds to actually respond to my calls was absolutely amazing. When it comes to ducks anyways. I still sound like what I would imagine is a goose going through puberty hahaha.

    I'm hoping in the Fraser Valley this summer, that knocking on some doors (and maybe sending some mail?) will provide me with an opportunity to pay back all the people who gave me an amazing initial waterfowl season, with a hunt on some land they haven't been able to explore.

    Anyone else have some awesome waterfowling memories?

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    Re: 2nd Season Coming Up For Me!

    Glad you made some good memories.. I also remember vividly my first goose kills ... new season is coming up and am feeling the crispness in the morning air...

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    Re: 2nd Season Coming Up For Me!

    It's quite the feeling when you wail on the duck call and a flight of birds makes a 90 degree turn and comes in.

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