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Thread: Fraser river sockeye

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    Re: Fraser river sockeye

    Heard a lot of tickets were handed out by dfo as well.
    Appears that quite a few folks showed up with their tidal waters/salmon stamp only licence.
    Never got out and up there.
    Did try for south Fraser but boats too small and winds didn’t cooperate.

    Sitting in Port Renfrew right now.
    Limited out Chinook after a dismal Hali day.
    Blackmouths are hitting good out there with some decent sized bucks and all red!!!
    Going again tomorrow and if it goes as good as today, go further out as the coho fishing is going good as well.
    So, F the dfo, the nets on the river, JT etc.
    Couldnt even take dip of beer for 2 hours straight, as it was none stop action.
    Some good whale shows also still.

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    Re: Fraser river sockeye

    Chinese's frozen packed sockeye fillets cheap at Freshco. Some from the 50 foot deep 55 mile long drift nets. I just read they have shortened them to 2.5km long but some are still 35 meters deep. Some nets are back up to 20kms long.
    There was an opening at the mouth of the horsefly river. Learned about it 2 days before it closed. Maybe 4 years from now.
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    Re: Fraser river sockeye

    I think there is going to be a lot of questions thrown dfo’s way on why the sportfishing industry was hung out to dry on this latest sockeye and the late and short opening, my understanding anyways.

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