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Thread: Region 8 (8-10 8-8 8-12) newbie - Partner up/learn

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    Region 8 (8-10 8-8 8-12) newbie - Partner up/learn

    Hey y'all

    Finally the year has come for me after years of practicing and researching to really get out there. I was wondering, how does one connect with people willing to mentor/share, specifically how to field dress/quarter deer? I've read, watched, and planned a lot but nothing compares to learning hands on with getting your hands bloody...

    I'm in region 8 (in 8-10 12 and 8 as I know and love these places quite a bit) and would like to find like-minded people who like to hunt on their own/ but also partner up and help one another to pack/butcher, enjoy the woods, learn and observe the wild, and have respect for the animals they harvest for the food and lifestyle they represent.

    Just putting myself out there... My spouse told me I need to meet more buddies who share my passion for this aspect of the outdoors, and I'd love to listen to her for once and make her wish come true lol.

    Anyway take care guys,

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    Re: Region 8 (8-10 8-8 8-12) newbie - Partner up/learn

    Theres lots of groups and clubs out there, BHA and your local gun clubs might be a good place to start!

    someone on here who lives out your way may let you tag along.

    When joining a stranger on a hunt a lengthy phonecall or coffee discussing expectations and things you can contribute with (gas money, lunch, bevies, gear)

    Also practicing good safe gun handling is a must. I have taken newbies out and I put this into there head before we even get out on the hunt and keep pointing out good practices.

    Touch up on your compass and navigation skills is a must make sure you are able to work your way back to the truck.

    Same with shooting from bush rests. Ensure you can make clean shots in hunting scenarios. Shoot offhand, shoot leaning on a tree, shoot sitting with your ass on the ground.

    Cliff Grey had lots of good youtube tips.

    For field dressing, just getting your hands in there and feeling things around are very foreign feelings but it isnt rocket science. I did my first without a mentor and made a few mistakes ( threw out a tenderloin :/ and his nuts were only hanging on by a thread) I took it to an oldschool butcher who helped show me how to skin it and where I messed up the feild dressing. My last few deer I was able to actually teach a buddy how to do them as he was keen on the learning. Just take your time and get the meat in the shade first with its head uphill. When solo I like tieing the limbs back (fronts anyway) to keep the animal chest up. Also keep your head on a swivel for preds and always have your gun in close reach.

    Get out there and have fun. Lots of gameless hours all for a moment that all counts to get something in the freezer!

    Good luck!
    Nothin better then the great outdoors!

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    Re: Region 8 (8-10 8-8 8-12) newbie - Partner up/learn

    I've been at it in the Okanagan since 2016 & have yet to bag a deer. They raid my garden in town & elude me out where it's legal to shoot haha. I have had success with a couple buddies on moose & elk LEH draws but these were farther afield, the elk on the Island. One of the buddies is the experienced in our group of 3 & he guided us when it came to field dressing & quartering a large critter like moose & elk. A deer shouldn't be a problem for you if you happen to cut a tag. Once you get in there with the knife, you'll get 'er done.

    The MU's you list cover a lot of territory but there's also a good deal of hunting pressure. Don't be afraid to check out some of the bordering MU's in 3 & 4. I explore locally in the plateaus above the valley, one of my favourite areas is up in the Monashees, MU 8-13. This is where I've come closest to pulling the trigger. Also spotted a spike fork moose up there, but the season wasn't on for them yet.
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