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Thread: Agreement between NDP and the Tahltan

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    Agreement between NDP and the Tahltan not seeing much about the agreement between the NDP and the Tahltan. What does everyone think about it? If this is another indication of what is going to happen with all of the future agreements with other First Nations groups it has me greatly concerned and not just about the access to hunting and fishing by licensed tax payers.
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    Re: Agreement between NDP and the Tahltan

    What agreement between NDP and the Tahltan?
    If you are talking about the Tahltan given control over their territory, this is between BC government and Tahltan.
    BC doesn't really care about rural areas, they are prepared to sell off all the land to some sort of "peace".
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    Re: Agreement between NDP and the Tahltan

    Horgan wasn't joking when he said UNDRIP will be at the core of everything his government does when they introduced the budget in March.

    B.C., Tahltan sign historic agreement on gold and silver mine

    Agreement marks a milestone as the first time UNDRIP is applied to a resource development project

    The consent-based agreement marks the first application of Section 7 of B.C.’s Declaration Act, which establishes the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) as B.C.’s framework for reconciliation.

    B.C. is the first province in Canada to move ahead with UNDRIP and the agreement means the company must work with the Tahltan Nation for permission before moving forward.

    Horgan confirmed there are “many more” agreements in the works that will represent the future for development in the province. “Where the opportunity exists we’re going to proceed with Section 7 agreements.”
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    Re: Agreement between NDP and the Tahltan

    TNDC is a business corporation owned by the people of the Tahltan Nation through the Tahltan Band, Iskut Band and the Tahltan Central Government (its shareholders). Total population is approximately 4,000, with 800 living in Tahltan Territory (in the communities of Telegraph Creek, Dease Lake and Iskut), and 3,200 living outside the territory (primarily in BC and Yukon, with others across Canada and in the United States).

    follow the money
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    Re: Agreement between NDP and the Tahltan

    This F^%$&^G government falls allover them selves giving indians money.
    A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life wrote a blank check
    Made payable for an amount of 'up to
    and including my life'. That is Honor, and there are way too many people
    in This country who no longer understand it.'
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    Re: Agreement between NDP and the Tahltan

    You cannot follow the money because it is all hidden from the tax payers eyes. Spend till it ends the NDP says.
    The challenge of retirement is how to spend time without spending money.
    The worst day slinging lead is still better than the best day working.
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    Re: Agreement between NDP and the Tahltan

    Never mind the money.
    Do you think for one minute that one Indian is going to go work in a mine if he is already getting money for nothing? Nosiree! Not going to happen. They all want to become Indigenous Oligarchs, living off the avails of others. Just like the Russian oligarchs are, or we’re doing..
    Now, if the rest of us give up mining, the government will be forced to import labour and will import Ukrainians to do the job.
    But there is another caveat, Russia. Russia will be busy digging for gold and diamonds along with bolstering the petro industry as they try to recover their economy and pay reprimands to Ukraine. This in turn will cause a majority of Ukrainian refugees to return to the motherland.
    All those business partnerships will dissolve like the ice in your whiskey tumbler on a hot August day ‘cause they will not be making any money.
    Dam, if I had just retired I’d liquidate my possessions and move to Italy. Go to Finland ���� every fall for moose hunting with a stop off for wild boar hunting somewhere in Central Europe.
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