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Thread: Luxe Ordering Experience- Worst Ever

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    Re: Luxe Ordering Experience- Worst Ever

    I ordered a tent from Seek Outdoors, it was great having someone willing to actually talk to you on the phone and answer questions. It seemed like a luxury to get an order confirmation email as well!

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    Re: Luxe Ordering Experience- Worst Ever

    Quote Originally Posted by Redthies View Post
    Weird. My ordering experience was perfect. Zero issues. Tent was shipped right away and I had it in a couple of days. Itís a nice tent too. I did try to order by phone, but there is a message saying just order online, so I did.
    I know. It is weird. Iíve got two Luxe tents and three of my buddies have Luxe tents. None of us had much issue. All are happy with their purchase.
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    Re: Luxe Ordering Experience- Worst Ever

    Here’s an example of over and above customer service. I contacted mr for a new waist buckle for my Marshall that i purchased second hand. In my email I had full intentions of paying for a buckle and shipping, but they shipped me out two new buckles and some stickers free of charge. The guy on the other end of the email also asked how I was liking my other mystery ranch products and I gave him a. Couple of ideas on some upgrades for their camera dslr chest rig which I just purchased. He seemed happy to take the constructive criticism.

    Too notch company to deal with.

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