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Thread: june 1st /Skeena reg chnges

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    Re: june 1st /Skeena reg chnges

    Quote Originally Posted by high horse Hal View Post
    Harmonizing wouldn't need a specific reg, it would be more of a management intent
    harmonizing has been talked about in all BC , some effort already in the south, but these drastic changes will make this more important than ever and
    will impact the whole province.
    They are definitely harmonizing. Shutting down the entire province to licensed hunters. Just a matter of the date when it happens.


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    Re: june 1st /Skeena reg chnges

    If I was to take a guess it would be taking away any bull and making it antler restricted along with adding Rut closers to anywhere easily accessed by road or river like they did on the Dease River 2 years ago. I dont see much more happening there as there were no LEHs added to that area.

    If its anything more than that my yearly fly in is screwed.

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    Re: june 1st /Skeena reg chnges

    Quote Originally Posted by BCHunterTV View Post
    june 1 theres a meeting set to discuss reg changes that impact the Skeena Region. Soon as i hear back on Wednesday ill post it here
    No good news?
    Glad to say I have hunted Northern BC

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    Re: june 1st /Skeena reg chnges

    Any Word on Reg Changes!!

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    Re: june 1st /Skeena reg chnges

    replace the south skenna oct 20-22 gos and sept 1-9th, nov 16-20th bow only gos for moose with leh

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