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Thread: Fly fishing series from 90ís name?

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    Fly fishing series from 90ís name?

    Can anyone recall a series on fly fishing that aired on knowledge network about mid 90ís? Iím thinking it was called casting shadows but a search produced nothing. The series was kind of on the history of fly fishing in bc

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    Re: Fly fishing series from 90ís name?

    Westworld ?
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    Re: Fly fishing series from 90ís name?

    I can’t think of it?
    Maybe ask Matt at pacific anglers by email.
    Or maybe email the Freschi brothers of sport fishing on the fly.
    Guys that come to kind I that era would Chan or Rowley.
    But plenty of others.
    Sorry, can’t help more than that

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    Arrow Re: Fly fishing series from 90ís name?

    You got the name right. Art Lingren appeared in a couple of them as I recall.
    Cannot find any of that series online from what I could determine...


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    Re: Fly fishing series from 90ís name?

    Definitely Casting Shadows

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