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What’s the difference between the Henry and marlin? Whats notably better than the other?
If you didn’t see / fire the two side by side, you honestly probably would be happy with both the Henry is a nice rifle. The factory sights on the Henry left a lot to be desired, the loading port was rough and harder to unload and the lever is much “grittier” on the reload than the marlins and the Marlin can wear any number of muzzle devices which is very appreciated with hot loaded 45-70

then the most fun part, the huge after market support for the 1895 line, rangerpoint makes amazing stuff, muzzle brakes, skeleton stocks, mlock foreends you name it and you can mod it with the Marlin.

out of the 3 new marlins IMO the trapper is the best/nicest, followed by the SBL and then the GBL, it doesn’t have the deepest dark blueing and I do not like the hooded sight what so ever on it.

both are made in USA, one is 500-1000$ cheaper than the other depending where you got it, I believe I paid 1349 for the Henry when I picked it up in Williams lake.