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Thread: Best way to deal with/convert anti-hunter

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    Re: Best way to deal with/convert anti-hunter

    If they are a climate activist, ask what the GHG emissions were from growing and shipping their soy beans from some far off land, and then compare that to the GHG emissions from your locally sourced protein.

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    Re: Best way to deal with/convert anti-hunter

    If they eat meat show them a video of a slaughter house . Explain that that is not a humane way to die,much rather be walking through the woods then ,bang lights out.

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    Re: Best way to deal with/convert anti-hunter

    Thing is, people who are on the fence will usually listen to points of view, if they are actually interested in the discussion.
    Their biggest issue is that things are killed for meat and not just trophy.

    Most Antis won’t listen, won’t shut to listen and are completely irrational and always think they are of superior intelligence.
    How best to deal with them??!
    Simple, if possible run ‘‘em over with your truck”.
    Eay more time efficient anf effective, imo.

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    Arrow Re: Best way to deal with/convert anti-hunter

    Quote Originally Posted by GuloGal View Post
    I think sharing a meal is a great way to go. Shawn Riley and Göran Ericsson have studied attitudes towards hunting quite a bit in Sweden and the US and found sharing harvested meat with non hunters increased acceptance. Sharing meals is one of humanity's oldest traditions so it makes sense this is hardwired into our social makeup. People get to see the other side not portrayed in anti-hunting media - the work, the food, the gratitude, the connection to the animal through the food. And once they've experienced it as food, it's hard to argue from a sustainability or welfare standpoint that you'd be better off eating a cow from a feedlot.
    This is an easy sell to the fence sitters, or those only mildly apposed.
    I have done this a lot in my life.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gateholio View Post
    If they eat meat, it's easy. You prefer to source your meat from free range organic sources while having minimal impact on the environment. They do the same thing you do but pay someone else to kill for them.
    Meshes with the above. Include the conversation of just how much habitat is taken out / forever disrupted to produce their (insert meat of choice here) while noting our way it remains as Nature intended.

    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Glove View Post
    Remember, you won't "win" by arguing, simply state the facts, stay calm and respectful.
    During one of the anti-grizz hunts rallies in Vic, Foxey & I attended.
    Pretty obvious what and who we were wearing our Western Sunday Bests complete with stetsons.
    Most were polite, and listened to what we had to say.
    Some were downright belligerent & nasty.
    The leaders apologized for that behavior and publicly thanked us for "acting like Gentlemen".
    The Mounties took care of the worst of their lot, hustling them off for a little chat.

    Stay calm & rational.
    Don't sink to their level if they get out of hand.
    Simply walk away from those that desire to confront and conflict.


    Egotistical, Self Centered, Son of a Bitch Killer that Doesn't Play Well With Others.

    Guess he got to Know me

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    Re: Best way to deal with/convert anti-hunter

    As with any conflict - find a common ground and build on it. Be patient and understanding that people have different opinions, and some won’t change. I find a main point that sticks is the mutual respect and care for animals. Most hunters I know do it because they disagree with the large scale industrialization of the meat industry. I don’t want to see the conditions these animals are born into, and I’m sure most anti-hunters feel the same way.

    Most don’t understand that harvest numbers and tags are issued/determined by the provincial government, and are largely science-based. I think just giving some awareness to general principals, that we don’t just go out and shoot whatever moves, can build on bridging them over to more mutual understanding, without getting into a shouting match or having the “right vs wrong” argument.

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    Re: Best way to deal with/convert anti-hunter

    Quote Originally Posted by upperleftcoaster View Post
    Watch the “stars in the sky” documentary by Steven rinella (on Netflix I believe), then discuss.

    I work with a very liberal crew of folks, no one has been upset that I’m open about hunting. The grilling question was, “well do you eat what you kill?” - I said, “yes.”

    I don’t like to distill down hunting to one point of enjoyment, it is a very complex range of activities, ethics, motivations, and emotions. Even though I don’t need to justify anything (ask someone why they golf), I’m happy to back up my experience.

    I have fed last years bear to over 40 people now, all of which had not had bear meat. They all ate it knowingly and all were fine with the culinary experience and how the animal was sourced. Go figure.
    x2 on this documentary. it was great and had great points from both sides. well worth the watch for hunters and non-hunters alike.

    Personally the whole "who does your killing for you?" seems overly confrontational to me. I don't engage in these types of debates often, because i understand where some of them are coming from and i do agree that things like certain types of trapping can be unnecessarly cruel. As far as hunting goes, Rinella said it best "to not hunt is a relatively new concept in human evolution".

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    Re: Best way to deal with/convert anti-hunter

    1 Take them shooting.
    2 After shooting share a snack of some game animal at a BBQ.

    What are your intentions towards this female? Future girlfriend or something?
    Yes they can be swung away from their belief. Long, slow, process.
    The challenge of retirement is how to spend time without spending money.
    The worst day slinging lead is still better than the best day working.
    Look around is there someone you can introduce to shooting because that’s the only way we will buck the anti gun trend sweeping Canada! "tigrr 2006"

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    Re: Best way to deal with/convert anti-hunter

    Killing an animal with bullets or arrows, is way more humane, than being eaten alive by a predator.

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    Re: Best way to deal with/convert anti-hunter

    Quote Originally Posted by digger dogger View Post
    Killing an animal with bullets or arrows, is way more humane, than being eaten alive by a predator.
    I really dislike the "humane" approach. It's hunting. We are trying to kill.

    When I watched Rinella's "stars in the sky" some hunters on that program said the same. My stance (opinion) as a hunter, is it's a BS way to try and sell hunting.

    Any non hunter I talk with would be very upset to know an animal suffers at my hands, but it does happen on occasion and I don't hide that fact. It's part of hunting.

    I explain all aspects of the hunt (good and bad) including do my best to make sure whatever I shoot, dies as quickly as possible. But dead is dead and it's not always quick despite our best efforts to make sure it is.
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    Re: Best way to deal with/convert anti-hunter

    there very few animals that die a quick and painless death.....I would say being shot would be one of the few ...

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