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Do any of you guys have an order for training the simple tasks? What’s the most important? And is there anything to not train? Like shake a paw?

He sits on command and is coming now. I’m working on stay and as soon as he has that down I’m going to work on go from stay. I also have a training dummy with some grouse scent that I’m trying to drag around the grass to see if he can pick the scent and track it down.
Dont overdo the sit command with a pointing dog. I made that mistake with mine and whenever he was over pressured in the field he would sit as that had become his default command. Apparently that’s a huge fail in field trials/tests.

Whoa is pretty much the be all and end all for pointers. Get your pup on a pallet or whoa board as soon as possible and get him used to standing still. Then once he’s rock solid start introducing distractions, that’s the key to a well trained dog that’s safe to hunt over.