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Thread: Trail cam reviews

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    Re: Trail cam reviews

    Quote Originally Posted by boxhitch View Post
    Great boxes, showing talent there.
    I used an ammo can, no imagination, just steel and screws

    There are various cams out there witht he Stealthcam name, not created equal for sure.
    One two-pack comes on sale for $160 , another 3-pack comes on sale for $120, another looks like just a name change to 'Muddy' brand
    Thanks! I wouldn’t leave a trail cam out for more then a couple weeks without a box. This cam had videos of half a dozen bears chewing on it as well as cows and moose rubbing on it. No damage on the camera just some liquid nail eaten off!

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    Re: Trail cam reviews


    Does the APEMAN use the micro SD cards? That's the one PITA I have with my Amazon specials. It takes the micro card and with my fat fingers, I find it hard to get it out a lot of the time and have dropped it more than once. Mine also changes the time and date randomly.



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    "In spite of what some members of this site choose to BELIEVE, None of our opinions are any more important than Dog Shit"!

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    Re: Trail cam reviews

    Any reviews on these cheapo Tascos? What do you guys recommend for SD cards? I have 2 old Simmons cams and never had good luck with them

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