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Thread: Moose neck ?

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    Re: Moose neck ?

    Another vote for the better than bouillon jars. It’s a kitchen staple, I like the beef and chicken ones. Also very handy for whipping up a quick gravy. Yum

    i recently seared and braised a lamb neck whole, then picked it for taco meat. It was very tender. Put my last deer neck into stewing chunks, and that was good too.

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    We put all the neck meat from any big game into sausages.


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    Re: Moose neck ?

    Have always done diy ground and loose sausage
    Changing things up this time, sous vide, osso buco, most lean chunks are going to cured, corned, pastrami, summer, air dried bresi? etc
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    Re: Moose neck ?

    Quote Originally Posted by warnniklz View Post
    If you don't find it'll, I'll get you a care package

    I found it at Save On in 100 Mile and got the chicken and beef.
    Thanks again for the offer.
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