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Thread: Newbie questions - what kind of tp do you pack?

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    Re: Newbie questions - what kind of tp do you pack?

    Squirrels and rabbits are by the softest if you can catch them, always 5-6 of blue shop towels in my pack, plus 1/2 roll of to ply.
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    Re: Newbie questions - what kind of tp do you pack?

    Quote Originally Posted by Citori54 View Post
    When I was first married my wife asked why the bottoms of some of my T-shirts were missing.
    Ever seen a logger with pockets on his shirt, or a shirt tail?
    A joke shop in Seattle had rolls of toilet paper with Richard Nixon's face on every square. Would be great to have our dipshit PM on every square too.
    My son asked if I had any tp while we were elk hunting . . . my response: "Sure! it's free in camp but, out here, it's a buck a square . . . . how much will you be needing?"
    He rolled a great bull later that day. Fun times . .

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