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Thread: Notice to potential new members.

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    Notice to potential new members.

    As the internet advances things are getting harder and harder to do safely. Thus if your reading this and are using a VPN your not going to get an account. I try often to screen applicants and allow as many as I think are legitimate and are not here to harm the site. Many applicants of late are from countries that are reputed to be untrustworthy and yet others just plain are a risk and get punted.

    So if you are legitimate and cannot get an account, send me, Marc, Elkhound or Gateholio a PM and we will check things out.
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    Re: Notice to potential new members.

    With malware, spyware, and data tracking/mining trends in online spaces it is increasingly recommended for personal security to use a VPN at all times when online. Seems a little anachronistic to resist that.

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    Re: Notice to potential new members.

    Thanks Steelco. That explains why I'm blocked at my office (we have a VPN) but not at home. No big deal, no need to fix it. Appreciate the explanation.
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    Re: Notice to potential new members.


    was wondering why, when travelling and using a VPN, that I could not connect

    all good, no need to change

    thanks again for providing this great venue

    I appreciate it immensely


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