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Thread: Hunting Pants ! The tall/fat/down and skinny!

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    Re: Hunting Pants ! The tall/fat/down and skinny!

    Kuiu Attacks for me. They are very comfortable, quiet and warm.

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    Re: Hunting Pants ! The tall/fat/down and skinny!

    I’ve tried 3 so far- I’m 6’2” 205lb

    lightweight -Under Armour $20 from winners best for early season

    kuiu guide pant- best I’ve tried,good stretch mid- late season

    fjallraven vidda pro- worst I’ve tried. No stretch at all, just a terrible hiking pant in my experience.
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    Re: Hunting Pants ! The tall/fat/down and skinny!

    5.11 Tactical Stryke Pants

    Tough as nails, have space for a slide in knee pad, 12 total pockets, including double- deep cargo pockets.

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    Re: Hunting Pants ! The tall/fat/down and skinny!

    Quote Originally Posted by Redo View Post
    I would be interested in these:

    Not on of the big name hunting brands but I have a pair of the unlined ones and I love them. Good selection of earth tones and now a camo pattern.
    I have two pairs of them in non camo and they are my go to winter pants for hiking, walking the dog and general running around outside. Wore them in -35, -48 with the wind, last year and with good 240 weight merino long underwear I was warm.

    Well made, warm and with a bit of stretch, are great pants! Just a little noisy for sneaking around in the bush.



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    Re: Hunting Pants ! The tall/fat/down and skinny!

    I've been using the Fjallraven Vidda Pro Ventilated in black/grey - not the same as the as the original vidda pros, and they are my favorite pant, hunting or otherwise. Super durable, and dry extremely fast. Pockets are all on the front because of the side zips which cool down when climbing. And (unlike the original vidda pros) they have a stretch crotch gusset that gives great mobility hiking and climbing..

    They're $200 new, but I got them for $140 on sale, and see them sometimes go for $140-160 on sale every now and then. Worth the full cost IMO. I'll be getting more.
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    Re: Hunting Pants ! The tall/fat/down and skinny!

    Sitka timberline pants are fantastic for mid to late season hunting. Great pockets and tough, quiet, stretchy material. Just spent the several hours kneeling in snow and it’s so nice to have the removal knee pads. They keep your knees warm and dry. I’m going to pick up a non-camo pair for work.

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    Re: Hunting Pants ! The tall/fat/down and skinny!

    tough to find anything with an inseam longer than 33"
    might have to attach a gaiter
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