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Thread: Bluetongue in Grand Forks

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    Re: Bluetongue in Grand Forks

    Quote Originally Posted by Ourea View Post

    "Super localized, knocking out some of the town deer. No evidence of any backcountry effect"

    Town and up country both getting hit, spoke with fellow at the dump this weekend (his name is ernie)
    13 carcasses from backcountry, 30 some from town.
    Local (in town) spring deer population estimated at 170 by CO at the coffee shop,
    he also estimates over 40% of the 170 were born and will likely remain in town for their life cycle.
    Cougars and bear sightings at the school bus stop down the street getting regular.
    Coyotes loving it too

    aside note there are more and more sheep being farmed up the valley here in GF?
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    Re: Bluetongue in Grand Forks

    GF could use a reduction of white tails……I’d prefer to see their number reduced through hunting instead of a mass die off from disease. I know my sister wouldnt complain if she had less deer shit in her yard every day.

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