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Thread: New (GSP) Gun Dog Owner Help

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    Re: New (GSP) Gun Dog Owner Help

    Buy a drahthaar and get a dog perfect for all hunting situations.

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    Re: New (GSP) Gun Dog Owner Help

    Quote Originally Posted by Tigger264 View Post
    Hey Folks!
    Iím a GSP puppy dad in a few months (hopefully) and I couldnít be more excited and nervous. This will be my first ever dog so this will be a learning experience for everyone and Iím hoping to pick your brains for a minute.
    I really enjoy upland hunting, Iím an avid waterfouler, and I do enjoy deer hunting. Already Iím wondering if these three would be too much for one dog to learn. I know the importance of the basic commands and social norms and hope to instill them in my puppy early on so we can build a strong bond.
    Iíve YouTubed things, read some online articles, and watched some videos in the generic sense but now I have some tough specific questions. Like is training with live birds necessary? I live in the Sea to Sky so thereís not a lot places to go that arenít filled with tourists. And if training with live birds is necessary, how does one go about training? Another; how does one teach a pointer to point?
    Iím sure I have a ton more questions once I start wrapping my head around it and Iím grateful for any advice. Also a leads/recommendations on a gun dog trainer who does workshops in the weekends will be welcome

    Thanks in advance. Happy hunting!
    You say you are an avid Waterfowler and Deer hunter....a GSP is not the greatest choice,depending how much drive your dog has to retrieve in cold water.
    Deerhunting,what specifically do you want your dog to do?
    You would have been better off buying a DK (Deutsch Kurzhaar)since a GSP has more in common with a English Pointer than a DK.
    If you want your dog to be a bird dog you have to have birds.
    Ecollars,not necessary if your dog learns to work for you instead of hunting for himself.
    Can your dog learn to hunt Waterfowl,Upland birds and Deer hunt? Absolutely,the German Versatile breeds are meant to be an Allrounder.


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    Re: New (GSP) Gun Dog Owner Help

    Want to add that training with birds, is an important foundation in the making of a good bird dog. Using pigeons is a good starting point, so if there are pointing dog clubs in your area you might want to reach out to them to see if they are doing any training sessions or workshops in the near future.

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