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Thread: Pointers

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    Quote Originally Posted by jagen mit DDrs View Post
    Seems like you don't know enough about DD vs GWP to have a conversation about this.
    To try to educate somebody that trained and tested DDs in Canada,US and Germany about what is a DD,is pretty "ballsy".
    By the way,most Weims in this country are not Hunting dogs any more.To sift through the shit that is produced,just to get a decent hunting dog in the Weims compared to what is produced as a standard within the DD world is not comparable.

    Anybody that sells GWPs as DDs is setting themselves up for lawsuit since the name. Deutsch Drahthaar,is a Trademark registered name under Vdd.e.V .
    Besides,he is starting out wrong to pump out pups by lying to the potential buyers of what the dogs are.

    No, seems like I succeeded in winding you up Rainer. I am German, and very familiar with the difference in standards between North American and Deutschland when it comes to many things, dogs included. I’m just a bit over all the pretentious talk by trainers and hunters. Train your dog to the best of your ability, and then shut up and go get some birds!
    If were not supposed to eat animals, how come theyre made out of meat?

    BHA, BCWF, CCFR, PETA, Lever Action Addict.

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    Re: Pointers

    Quote Originally Posted by Redthies View Post
    No, seems like I succeeded in winding you up Rainer. !
    Yes,you succeeded!
    I'm sick of people using dogs as a moneyprinting machine.Seems like every breed that comes over here gets screwed over by individuals that have no business breeding dogs.


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