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Thread: Bear derby 2021!

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    Bear derby 2021!


    Firstly, I apologize about the delay and I’m happy there was no submissions prior, though I wouldn’t be surprised to get the majority of them at the end of June.

    it took me a little longer than anticipated to get in touch with everyone and figure out the logistics as well as hear other members concerns and adjust accordingly.

    There are a couple big changes so please everyone re read the main body of the thread again.
    Most importantly... enjoy the sunshine and have a safe hunt, fill that family freezer with the best burgers around!

    Only one submission per member so please pick your category appropriately.

    Please read carefully

    Let me start by saying thanks to;

    Great North Precision- for matching my first prize $200 GC
    Walks with Deer- for ALSO matching my first prize $200 GC
    RockSteady for offering to beetle clean the winning youth submissions skull.
    Hugh Man- for an additional $100 gift card
    Moosinaround- for a beauty Damascus skinning knife

    I am still in communications with a couple more members working on locking down details on a couple more interesting prizes, so keep an eye out as season progresses.

    With that being said, what started as a fun little instigation to get people out of the house and outdoors, has grown into quite a bit more...

    I am going to do my best to get up a picture tomorrow night, albeit with an old dry skull.. but it’ll still show the way we feel will be the most accurate and easy to achieve.

    Currently available for submissions:

    2 Open (Youth or adult) prizes for largest skull -
    #1 $300 Great north precision gift card
    #2 100$ Great north precision gift card
    1 Open ( Youth or adult) prize for longest bear -
    #1 $200 Great north precision gift card
    1 Open (Youth or adult) prize for fattest spring bear-
    #1 $100Great north precision gift card

    1 Youth(10-17) prize for largest skull-
    #1Skull cleaning(beetles) and a Damascus skinning knife.
    1 Youth(10-17) prize for longest bear-
    #1$100 gift card to Nechako Outdoors.

    Now also keep in mind that these prizes could potentially increase as members ive been in contact with get back to me, but this will be the base line.

    I will stop taking entires via this thread July 10 2021.
    Prizes will be sent via Email or mailed by July 15 2021.

    Now, bear with me here.. (haha)

    I am feeling like a lot of people here are going stir crazy with covid.. and could use the fresh air of a spring bear hunt.

    So I propose we have a little fun competition to see who can find the biggest boar this season.
    (If this isn’t permitted feel free to delete)

    I know we aren’t professionals but with pictures I think we will be able to judge just fine..we will use GREEN(cleaned but no drying time) skull measurements as to ensure it’s this years bear, pictures must be taken with a ruler/tape beside the skull squared off with another ruler/tape and a bic lighter for size reference.

    Now let me start by asking everyone, please be honest and keep the integrity of this, as it’s far more likely to happen again in the future if everyone has fun and no one feels cheated, and the additional prizes are much above and beyond what I originally intended so let’s show our appreciation and be respectful!

    That is why the decision was made to have additional prizes rather than increasing the prize value, we aren’t trying to motivate someone to get out there just to win a prize, we are encouraging new and old hunters to get back in the field after what feels like an eternity and get your family some of the best meat BC has to offer, and ALSO have a chance to win a little something to take the pressure off your wallet because we all know everyone has something hunting related on their fall wish list!

    To enter you must; and this will be followed STRICTLY.

    Post a reply to this thread inc picture of your bear as it lays with the cut bear tag. (No we won’t know your honey hole from your region, you can cover your private info ofc)

    A brief story about the hunt and method of harvest used, the date of the hunt and time of day approximately.
    A picture of the skull removed and cleaned with a ruler/tape beside it and squared off.
    A picture of the deepest fat on the bear with something common used for scale if you don’t have a ruler or tape available (think banana)
    An as it lay picture depicting how fat your bear is. (Judges discretion, if even judges can’t agree we will go to draw)
    An as it lay picture of the bear flat, being measured from tip of tail to tip of nose

    There will be THREE judges, and they will get final decision on all prizes that do not go to a draw, any draws winner will hopefully be selected by a GNP employee or another donator besides me.

    For the skull measurements, we will be rounding up or down 1/2” to the nearest inch, as originally stated this is not an exact science, but for fun, unless we have a CLEAR winner, any close entries will go to a draw for fairness.
    Cut tag must be included with all submissions to verify legality of hunt and age of hunter.

    Since we want to keep this classy for the prying eyes:

    Please remove all neck meat and clean! the skull, unfortunately this is a step I hoped to avoid for simplicity but to heed members concerns, I don’t believe we should be posting raw skulls. Please boil or in some way clean your skull prior to submission, removing eyes etc.

    We will extend the deadlines for everything by 1 week in lieu of this, and we have added additional categories for members who are unable to do this, so they can still participate fairly.

    ***Judges reserve the right to disqualify any entry they deem unfit including but not limited to doctored photos, an attempt to increase measurements by any means or distasteful pictures, do these beautiful animals justice, do not post anything with excess gore to this derby***

    If you feel like you’re picture may cross this line but you must use it for your submission please email it and we will discuss alternative methods for transparency and fairness.

    Who will be the judge is yet to be determined, assuming the donators have no issues we will choose active forum members the prize for the bears are subject to change (improve) if anyone else feels like pitching in and motivating some fellow hunters to get out and de stress and fill their freezers with delicious organic meat.

    Now keep in mind this is just fun, so no stress! But if it encourages even one new bear hunter(ironic pun intended) or one group to fill a second tag.. well it’s a win for everyone, delicious bear meat, a chance to win a prize and a couple less calves and fawns will meet an early demise.

    If this goes over well and everyone has fun I will likely do this again in the fall.
    Heaviest grouse and longest brow tine on a deer.

    Disclaimer**. If we have less than 10 entries across the board, all names will go into a draw and prizes will be drawn in order posted by judges or prize donators (besides OP) this is both for fun and to motivate more people so encourage your friends to get out and tag some bears before calling and fawning season then they can make an account and post here, new and old members included.

    If we get 0 submissions for a specific draw, all members who entered any draw will also have their name put into a draw for that prize/s.

    New member must post an introductory post prior to submission.

    *edit*. A lot more interested than anticipated, which is great! I will be overhauling this post tonight for clarity and to update the information regarding prizes as there are many generous folks around here it seems !
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    Re: Bear derby 2021!

    RyoTHC, you are so generous. Thanks!

    I'd swap the gift card for your book, then I'm in!

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    Re: Bear derby 2021!

    Cool idea... good on ya man.

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    Re: Bear derby 2021!

    I plan on taking a bear this spring for the first time ever...I was planning on a smaller/medium bear that would not give me more meat than needed but I guess I can always make a little extra pepperoni. Luckily the island has a few big boys kicking around usually. Good luck this spring

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    Re: Bear derby 2021!

    Awesome RyoTHC, challenge accepted! Though I'm a long shot as I've still to bag my first big game! Would be cool if the first was a big ole bruin. Going to try to get out next week during the day, hopefully less pressure.

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    Re: Bear derby 2021!

    Now you have stooped to body shaming bears??? As Greta says "HOW DARE YOU!!"
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    Re: Bear derby 2021!

    awesome my son and I are headed out this weekend to look for a big rug .Hopefully we will have a entry on monday

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    Re: Bear derby 2021!

    Great idea! Looking forward to it.

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    Re: Bear derby 2021!

    Awesome idea and very generous of you. Taking my 13 and 6 year old out this weekend to try out the old wall tent .

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    Re: Bear derby 2021!

    Quote Originally Posted by joshbazz View Post
    Awesome RyoTHC, challenge accepted! Though I'm a long shot as I've still to bag my first big game! Would be cool if the first was a big ole bruin. Going to try to get out next week during the day, hopefully less pressure.


    PM me, I can likely help.. trucks in the shop getting ready for bears, should it back tomorrow and be ready for Friday !
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