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Thread: Getting a new retriever for christmas

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    Re: Getting a new retriever for christmas

    sounds like it's going good marc. wow, he has beautiful blue eyes. Your home for shooting sports in Canada. Join up and help us grow.

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    Re: Getting a new retriever for christmas

    Wow I just revisited this thread to see where I should be with the new training with Skadi. I'm surprised at how " Mr know it all" I was back then and apologize for any of you who remember this going back 13 years ago I'm still learning and those who said CBR's are stubborn and harder to train, you were not wrong there lol. I think the new pup is a bit more hard headed then Marshall was.

    I'm just trying to process roughly where the new pup should be at with her training and fully understanding that every dog is different. I just want to make sure I'm not holding her back because I haven't introduced her to something she should know at this point in the game. It's been almost 13 years since I had a pup and it's like someone has hit the reset button lol.
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