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Thread: The Official 2021 Turkey Thread

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    Re: The Official 2021 Turkey Thread

    Can one get into turkey hunting just by hunting public lands? Or is it mostly a private land thing?

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    Re: The Official 2021 Turkey Thread

    Yes, depending on where you are, you definitely can find turkeys on crown land.
    the further east you go, the better it seems. Got into some birds on crown land near Christina lake.
    Saw some out by Slocan a couple weeks ago on some crown as well, but they were in hoards on private land through there as well

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    Re: The Official 2021 Turkey Thread

    7 Months and 5 days to opening morning....just in case anyone was wondering.
    if people of color do it, it's "affirmative action" "civil rights", etc, etc. If a bunch of white folks do it....its "racist" and "hate speech" quote Willyqbc

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