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Thread: Lurker New Member Introduction - PG to Salmon Arm

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    Lurker New Member Introduction - PG to Salmon Arm

    Hey HuntingBC

    Im always reading but never posting and I have learned a lot of great information from this site! Now with our planned move from Prince George to Salmon Arm this spring/summer, I thought id better put some feelers out and see about the people and the area!

    My soon to be wife and I are 26 and moving down to start as registered nurse at the hospital there and I will be bringing down my residential/commercial electrical company. My parents live in Eagle Bay but other than that we donít know anyone there. I have taken a mule deer and bear in the last two years and we are looking into getting her licensed so we can spend more time outdoors. We like to get out hunting and fishing, usually with our ford ranger bush buggy and 12í tin boat to smaller remote lakes. I have some family in Little Fort/Clearwater and know a little of the hunting area there, but nothing further south than that.

    We are big on being ethical and using all the meat we get so are mostly interested in mule/whitetail, moose, and black bear hunting. It would be good to meet a few people who are interested in similar outdoor activates who know the area, or for mentoring as our current hunting situation has only been a few weekends a year and would like to gain the knowledge and get those numbers up. We are no strangers to the outdoor, and enjoy being way in the bush, but there is always room to learn more and improve.

    Feel free to send me a message or possibly meet up in the summer, or maybe some info you have. I donít use facebook that often so I havenít looked into any local groups on there, but if there are any good pages to recommend Iíll check them out.

    ÖÖOptionally you could just send me a list of honeyholes (preferably with a map and gps) but I doubt Iíd get many takers OR new friends from that hahaha


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    Re: Lurker New Member Introduction - PG to Salmon Arm

    I’m into sharing on some bear hunting in your area in hopes you can share about some deer spots near Clearwater!!!

    Welcome, and congrats on the move. Ive been to PG, and to Salmon Arm....I’m thinking you’ll enjoy the winters in Salmon Arm a little more.

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