"The Public Fishery Alliance continues to take a stand against the Liberal Government and their unwarranted devastation of the BC Public Salmon Fishery. For the past two years, their actions have had devastating consequences for our Public fishery. Many hard-working Canadians in the public fishing sector are now without jobs and the infrastructure that supports angling is struggling. COVID-19 has magnified these social and economic impacts. In short, our BC Public Salmon Fishery is on life support due to decisions which defy logic, run contrary to science-based fisheries management and to their own Federal Fisheries mandate.

Today, we delivered an Open Letter to Federal Fisheries Minister Bernadette Jordan, and released this letter to media outlets from West Coast to East Coast. Please take a few moments to read our letter to Minister Jordan below.
We ask you to consider sharing this letter with your friends, family, and colleagues, and/or on the social media channel of your choice. If we want to preserve BCs Public Salmon Fishery for future generations, the time to act is now. We need your support. Please stand with us and deliver this powerful message to the Liberal Government.....................