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Thread: That annual Spatsizi info thread

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    That annual Spatsizi info thread

    So itís that time of the year where the newbie asks for advice on a particular area and gets hassled by those who have come down with cabin fever and are grouchier than normal.

    I have a Spatsizi sheep tag in the pocket and hoping for a caribou or moose tag to go along with it. The plan is 12-14 days near the end of August beginning of September.

    I have gone through the massive amounts of posts here on the topic but was hoping to chat with someone who has been recently. Iím not looking for areas. I think I have a general sense on where to go. But more have some logistical questions to ask.

    I was hoping to find someone who would help via pm but if Iím curious about things perhaps someone else would be in the future, so Iím going to post a lot of them here for others to read in the future.
    Hopefuly those with knowledge will reply publicly but if youíd rather pm that would be good too.
    I have some questions about water availability but those are area/spot specific so Iím not going to litter the Internet with place names to send the crowds to latter (although I didnít think any of these spots are all that secret)

    ok questions:
    is it possible to leave a stash of things/food at cold fish lake camp?
    would it be safe from people, mice, bears, sasquatches????
    thinking of heading one direction for apx 8 days and then back to the lake to restock and off in another.

    Is there power at cold fish lake camp?

    what area/town do you use for current weather reports and what would you modify weather/temperature wise when youíre up on the plateau. (I usually drop about 3degrees for every 1000í of elevation, is that the same up there?)

    whats the availability for fire wood up on the plateau? And in some of the surrounding areas. Again I can be a bit more specific in a pm but generalities help.

    Im sure there was something more I was thinking of asking but thatís all I can remember now.

    A big big thanks to anyone who is willing to offer advice

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    Re: That annual Spatsizi info thread

    yes its possible to leave a stash at coldfish
    no there is no power, but there is propane in the cook house
    where ever you fly out of will give you a general idea for weather but i don't know anything that's very accurate for weather. i can change the next valley over.
    there is no firewood up on the plateau just shrubs, down below you might find some
    also there are cabins at coldfish, first come first serve, bring cash. there will be a host there to collect it.
    I've personally not seen sheep on the actual plateau, and beware there is a ecological reserve on one side of the lake, no hunting, no camping, literally just allowed to walk through it

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    Re: That annual Spatsizi info thread

    Sasquatches? Hahahaha can’t keep anything hidden from those bast@rd$

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    Re: That annual Spatsizi info thread

    Cold fish is a wicked place, my intro to mountain hunting was there.

    Yes, you can stash at the lake, the cook cabin. Bring something that you can seal well, we got into a tussle with a pack rat over a nature valley bar one night in there.

    I may be in correct, but I swear I remember charging my phone on a single outlet powered by solar in the cook cabin, don't quote me on that though.

    If you search Spatsizi Plateau Weather online, you can find it. If I remember right its pretty accurate.

    On the top of the plateau, you'll have nothing. You don't have to drop overly far though to get to a tree line where you can get as much wood as you want. The valleys around there have tons of wood to burn.

    From my knowledge, hunting sheep on the plateau or the surrounding area, will be scarce if any. We saw some ewes and lambs across the lake but that's a no go zone as that's the eco reserve.

    Killing a moose or caribou(or 2) will put a stop to sheep hunting real quick, keep that in mind. Also, its sad I even need to say this but heard some pretty shitty things yesterday. As its an "any bull" tag for caribou, make sure you know the difference between a young bull and a cow... apparently not everyone does.
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    Re: That annual Spatsizi info thread

    Found sheep when i was there in 2019. good 25 km trek from cold fish. if you want sheep fly into Cartmel not Coldfish. then your two kms from sheep hunting not 20-30. Plateau has your moose and caribou both were spotted when i was their but only a small caribou couple nice bull moose were seen. Careful about where you stash your beer at coldfish it may get jacked by a random hiking group while your away like mine was. feel free to pm for more info.
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    Re: That annual Spatsizi info thread

    Thanks to everyone for the great info and awesome Pm’s
    It sounds like a few people have been able to find a solar usb power at CFL but I’ll probably bring a small solar panel and battery pack any way.

    Just to clarify we hadn’t planned on hunting sheep on the plateau.
    The plan is to head the other direction first for sheep and then depending on tags and sheep success head back to CFL and either hunt lower for a moose or up on the plateau for caribou.

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    Re: That annual Spatsizi info thread

    As far as power goes. I’d bring a few pocket juice from Costco. 3 of the bigger ones should last more than 3 weeks.
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