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Thread: New to Bowhunting, 1st upgrade?

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    Re: New to Bowhunting, 1st upgrade?

    Quote Originally Posted by bcfirefly View Post
    Ya i am happy with the bow itself no question. So far i have some issues with the rest for a hunting scenario, arrow flops around and it noisy. Sight i am trying to get used to. 5 pins seems busy to me, used to my b&c reticle from hunting. Never really liked the hash mark set up on my xbow. May move to a 2 pin sliding sight but in no rush. i am lucky enough to be able to shoot daily (unless it stays -20) so hoping to keep up the 50-100 shots per week till hunting season.
    I just use a biscuit. Simple, safe and secure.

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    Re: New to Bowhunting, 1st upgrade?

    Quote Originally Posted by whitlers View Post
    I just use a biscuit. Simple, safe and secure.
    X2 on the biscuit.

    I don't think crotch is the stealthiest scent for deer hunting. (Surrey Boy)

    so are you gonna stop spreading it on your nuts for your dog to lick off? (monasheemountainman)

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    Re: New to Bowhunting, 1st upgrade?

    "Through the biscuit and into the brisket" - Rut Daniels, 2021

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    Re: New to Bowhunting, 1st upgrade?

    Since you are happy with the release then in order of importance to me would be to get:

    * Whisker Biscuit - Quiet, secure, nothing to break or mess up, and no noticeable difference of FPS

    * Sight - especially for new bowhunters I'd go with a fixed three pin and medium sized protected fibre optics. Look to higher end product with third axis adjustment.

    * Quiver - Tight Spot makes some nice ones but there are others too - quiet and room for five arrows.

    * String and Cables

    No matter how good you shoot at targets most important is to ONLY take shots within your 100% certain comfort zone - for me that means 25 yards on deer, 30 for elk for starters. Oh and get out to shoot as many 3-D courses as possible.

    Welcome to the brother/sisterhood!! Its addicting!
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