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Thread: Jan 15 - Feb 14 Elk draw 7-17

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    Re: Jan 15 - Feb 14 Elk draw 7-17

    Quote Originally Posted by joelda View Post
    My family has 2 Elk LEH draws for 7-17 for Jan 15- Feb 14th. They put in for the wrong unit and of course got drawn. These have to be filled on private land and we know no-one in this area. Just wondering if anyone could help us out and we could work something out. Thanks
    Tell us a joke Joe. That's the tradition for first timers her on the site.

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    As a few here have mentioned, my suggestion before you head out is to contact the local biologist. The reason a lot of those LEH are in place is because ministry has requested them due to farmers complaining of crop loss. Along with the biologists, another suggestion would be to track down the local conservation officer. We did both of those things when we had a draw in the Christian valley and it certainly was beneficial. Regardless of both of those things, you will have to knock on doors. That is where we got a huge variety of responses from a farmer using his tractor to pick up a shot elk at one extreme to another telling us to get off the property. When you get a receptive property owner, be sure to ask if they are aware of any other property owners that may also be willing to help you out. Be sure to thank any owners that are willing to help. We purchased a nice bottle of scotch for the gentleman that helped us. We still stop by when we are in the area to chat. Good luck on your hunt.
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    Re: Jan 15 - Feb 14 Elk draw 7-17

    Never mind knocking on doors in Shelly, its not in 7-17! Your draw is further east, closer to McBride! moosin
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