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Thread: Access Restrictions, information checkpoints, etc.

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    Re: Access Restrictions, information checkpoints, etc.

    Full disclosure: I'm not a road nerd nor a wildlife bio, but I've heard it said that linear features like roads, if intact but unavailable to vehicle traffic, is enough of an advantage to predators like wolves (travel is a big part of their predation strategy so making that part easier makes them more efficient) is bad for ungulates. Obviously a robust population can likely withstand that, but we've got lots of ungulate populations that aren't robust.

    It would be good to keep track of roads and have a baseline, but I think they're being added at a very rapid rate. The data may already be collected, but just need to be organized, mind you.
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    Re: Access Restrictions, information checkpoints, etc.

    Forest Service Roads Campbell River, Okanagan-Shuswap & Peace natural resource districts

    Audit announcement of the forest service roads (FSRs) maintained in the Campbell River, Okanagan-Shuswap and Peace natural resource districts.

    Managing Forest Recreation Resources Values under FRPA
    This special report has been prompted by multiple concerns and complaints received by the Forest Practices Board about outdoor recreation activities and how recreation values are managed under FRPA. This report will determine how forestry planning and practices are addressing forest recreation values under FRPA
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