Planning my first turkey hunt for this upcoming spring. From what I've dug up in forums, we will have to drive at least as far as rock creek. Much of what I've read is people suggesting door knocking until you find a property that will let you on. Given the current covid situation, I don't think many people will be receptive to out-of-towners showing up at their door and so we will stick to public lands.

Should I go at this like whitetail and set up on public land nearby the private and hope to catch something on the right side of the fence or are there good odds of finding one deeper into the bush?

So far my plan was to find a powerline/gas line cut and spend the first day or two walking it until we hear or see some action. Then we will have another couple days to sit and try to call one in. Curious what suggestions people would have for me, whether or not I'm on the right track - dont want your spot, just what type of environment I should be looking for.