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Thread: Hunter shot west of Spences Bridge

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    Re: Hunter shot west of Spences Bridge

    Quote Originally Posted by Arctic Lake View Post
    Yikes ! He was sitting on his quad sheeeese !
    Arctic Lake
    About 20 years ago, the end of a long day of hiking in the snow, a tad dehydrated, and tired I was slowly walking down a skidder rd back to my Honda bike. Even knowing that I was getting close to where I'd left it, as I glanced up through the fog about 100 meters away at the apex of a corner, I saw a really tall rack on a buck. I dropped to a knee and raised my rifle with thumb on the safety, and there in my scope was my motorcycle with those damned mirrors (antlers). I almost shot my bike! Scared the shit out of me thinking about that and I've never forgotten the lesson. Always Always Always confirm the target beyond doubt with my binos BEFORE raising the rifle. I got lucky, others won't. Be careful out there boys and girls.
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    Re: Hunter shot west of Spences Bridge

    Quote Originally Posted by The Hermit View Post
    LOL Well having worked with a local PD (as a shrink) I could tell you some stories! Accidentally blowing a big hole in the roof of a squad car with the shotty, firing not one but two 9mm rounds into the floor of the locker, etc. Shit happens once in a while no matter the training and experience everyone can have a total brain fart and screw up.
    A bit scary.
    Another Kid story - he's deer hunting in the Princeton area, tracking a buck up a cut block when he sees a truck at the top of the cut block glassing the buck. He stops, walks back to his truck and drives to the top, stops to chat. One of the guys is leaning his rifle on a truck hood lining up the buck, takes a shot, missed by a mile, can't figure it out. Son looks at the front of the truck says "Umm, you seem to have hydraulic fluid dripping out and a hole in your hood." Guess the guy didn't compensate for the fact that the barrel sits a lot lower than the scope.

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    Re: Hunter shot west of Spences Bridge

    If the last person shot in a hunting accident in BC is in 2014, I'll keep hunting. Probably have better odds getting the COVID.
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    Re: Hunter shot west of Spences Bridge

    I’ve never really worried about being shot while out walking along my favourite trails.
    Can’t say the same when I’m out for a walk around my neighborhood.
    Hunters looking for big game should choose the location and the part of hunting season condusive for success. Jelvis

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