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Thread: Concealing a boat

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    Re: Concealing a boat

    Well if you're concealing it from your wife, you have to conceal it in plain sight. 14' so it will be on a trailer. Just bring it home and ask her to give you a hand to flip the boat over on the trailer. Tell her you have to hold it for a co-worker who is hiding it from his wife while they go through a separation but you'll be able to use it for hunting or fishing whenever you need to. By summer you can tell her that it's yours now.

    Or you're talking about concealing it at the lake?

    Well, flip it over, put a black carpet on it and fasten a moose rack to it. Bedded moose. - taadaa

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    Re: Concealing a boat

    Go to Discovers thread "My Duck Boat" in the Duck boats and blinds section. Now that's how you conceal a boat.

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